Introduction to Function Pointers

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Function pointers are literally pointers to functions.

Function pointers are just what their name suggests, they are pointers to functions! In particular, a function pointer points to code (rather than data like what we are normally used to) and stores the start of executable code. Let’s just get straight to some code.

void print_stuff(int a)
  printf("Hi there, I am %d\n", a);

int main()
  // Pointer is void type and points to print_stuff function.
  // (int) lets us know what TYPE are the arguments for the function.
  void (*func_ptr)(int) = &print_stuff;
  // To call the function, we go:
  // Here, we dereferenced the pointer and also passed in inputs for it.
  // Note this also works even if we removed the *

Hi there, I am 20

Note that when we declared our function pointer, it is extremely important that we have those brackets around *func_ptr or else it will be confused for a declaration of a function that returns void pointers.

A clearer illustration of when we would use a function pointer would be when we don’t know what the functions are at compile time.

#include <stdio.h>

// Here we declare a function.
void do_stuff(int x);

int main()
    void (*func_ptr)(int) = &do_stuff;

void do_stuff(int x)
  printf("Done stuff with %d\n",x);

Done stuff with 4

So why else might we be bothered with function pointers?

Note that with these pointers, we do not need to de-allocate memory as we are not pointing to memory.

Here’s another example just to drill this home:

// Our function
int add_numbers(int x, int y)
  return x + y;

int (*func_ptr)(int, int);

// Again, this points to a function that returns an int and takes in 2 ints as arguments.

// Now to point it to a function:
func_ptr = &add_numbers;

// To actually use this function pointer:
int sum = (*func_ptr)(5, 10);

// Here, we dereference our function pointer and pass in our arguments for the function.

// Altenrative
int sum = func_ptr(5, 10);


Function pointers are just an address referring to an area of memory with executable code.

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Chris Hyland

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